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Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27 on the Atlantic Queen


It was my first trip of the season, and it was a great one!  We spent most of our time today with two different humpbacks, Chickadee (who was born in 2006) and Cosmos (who was born in 1997).
Chickadee came up close to us on the first few sightings, and then she went another direction, so we moved on, too...

Then, we got some good looks at Cosmos, who took very short dives and let us see its huge flukes each time.

There were several other whales around, including a minke whale that we got a couple distant looks at, a fin whale and possibly another humpback or two.  All in all, encouraging signs for the season to come!

Thanks to everyone who joined us today and supported our mission by purchasing Blue Ocean Society souvenirs or whale adoptions, and congratulations again to Kayla F. for winning the daily drawing!

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Kayla said...

What a way to kick off my summer! Thank you so much for the wonderful information you shared about the whales! I'm SO happy that was lucky enough to win the drawing! Thanks a milling for a wonderful day! :)

Jen Kennedy, Blue Ocean Society Exec. Director said...

Kayla, Thanks again for joining us, and glad you enjoyed the trip! Hope to see you again sometime soon!