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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Captain's Lady III 10/5/2013

The month of October continues to bring great whale sightings! There was a great variety of life out on the ledge. Our first stop was with Valley along with her new calf who was born earlier this year. This makes calf # 7 for Valley! As we were watching the pair, out of no where Valley breached right next to us! Valley is a large full grown female, weighing in between 40-45 tons. She managed to breach and get her whole body out of the water, very impressive! As we all caught our breath, she tail breached for us! Activities like these are a special treat, we do not see these every day!

Valley and calf
We left the pair to go check out some other blows in the area.  We came across more humpbacks not to far away, they were "Echo" and "Cacophony" Echo was first sighted in 1988 and had her first calf in 1993, to date she has had 6 calves.

"Cacophony" and "Echo"

Cacophony is believed to be a male and was born in 1990.  We also had a great look at a Blue Shark who Captain Bob did a great job of sneaking up on!  Blue Sharks can reach up to 12.5 feet and are the most plentiful shark in the sea.  During our trip home we passed by 2 different pods of Harbor Porpoise, 5 seals off shore and in the mouth of the Merrimac River a huge Ocean Sunfish!

Resting Harbor Seals off of Salisbury Beach
Sadly our 2013 season is coming to an end after Columbus Day weekend, be sure to make your reservations for the upcoming weekend and see all The Gulf of Maine has to offer.  Thank you to all who spent a wonderful day of whale watching with us and we wish all of our German students safe travels.


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