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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday 10/10/10 on the Atlantic Queen

What a way to end our season! Humpbacks were plentiful, and only about 12 miles from the harbor!

We started out with Nile and Tornado, two female humpbacks that we've seen many times. Nile was born in 1987, and Tornado was born in 1988. These whales afforded us several great looks at their huge flukes as they dove down.


Tornado (L), Nile (R)

Then we moved on to spend time with Trident (one of my favorite whales!), a 28-year old female, and Spoon, a female first seen in 1977. 


We watched Trident and Spoon for awhile, and then saw Nile and Tornado again, but a 3rd whale, Wizard (a female born in 1990), had joined them!


After some great looks at these 3 whales together, we looked out in the distance, and saw a breach!

Trident and Spoon were breaching, lob-tailing and flipper-slapping! So we slowly moved toward them for some last, spectacular looks before we headed toward Rye.  We had a nice ride in through the Isles of Shoals - a great way to end this fantastic (whale-tastic?!) season!

Spoon on her side - 1/2 of her tail, and a flipper

Thanks to all the enthusiastic passengers who joined us today, and to Sue (Happy Birthday!), Heather and Kevin for your help.  We look forward to seeing you again next year, if not sooner!

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