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Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4- Prince of Whales

After a couple days of watching minke whales and a very long-diving fin whale, we were excited to find some very cooperative whales today! The rare sei whales were popping up on each side of the boat, giving us nice views of their spouts and pointed fins!

We also spotted a couple of right whales in the area- known by their distinctive v-shaped spouts and lack of dorsal fin!

On our return trip, we got sidetracked by a tall spout, likely a fin whale, but this whale was not at all cooperative and as we waited for it, a minke whale appeared! But then that whale was gone as well. Seems like these whales had another agenda today which did not include being looked at by us!

Happy Labor Day to everyone and a special congratulations to Marc, the winner of our whale adoption raffle today!

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