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Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19, 2013 Captain's Lady III

First day for the new Newburyport Whale Watch! We had a nice day with several fin whales and a few minke whales and dive-bombing gannets everywhere!

Our first fin whales were in a pair- one was easy to identify- #0354 has a few distinct nicks in its fin. We have been watching this whale on Jeffreys Ledge since 2003.

Close up of fin whale # 0354
 #0354 was hanging out with this whale (below)- still not quite sure who it is but we are working on confirming an ID.

Another fin whale was spotted in the distance. The blows (or spouts) from fin whales can reach 20 feet high in the air!
Fin whale spout
 As we were waiting for the pair to resurface, the distant whale decided to surface right behind our boat. Much to my happy surprise, this was an old friend- a fin whale named Fjord!
Fin whale "Fjord"

Fjord was first seen in 1996 by Blue Ocean Society researchers and has been seen nearly every year since then! He is also known for showing up early in the season, frequently on the first trip of the season in mid-May!! So glad to see he is still on his usual schedule!

A couple of minke whales were poking around as well, but they were a bit wiggly and difficult to keep track of. Overall it was a great day on the ocean, especially for May. Thanks to all of you for joining us! Hope to see you back again soon.

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