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Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20 Atlantic Queen

What a fantastic day!  We never know what to expect in May - sometimes we see a lot of whales, and sometimes we have to do a lot of looking.  We didn't have to look too far today!

First we spotted Satula (Finnish for "saddle"), a male humpback who was first seen as an adult in 1988.  He has a distinctive saddle-shaped blotch on his left fluke, and is missing his dorsal fin.

Satula's dorsal
While we were watching Satula, we spotted some blows and a minke whale not too far away. We headed toward the blows, and started seeing both blows and small dorsal fins. We had come upon two fin whales with about 20 Atlantic white-sided dolphins!  These whales were on a mission - not spending much time at the surface, but we did get some good looks, and eventually the dolphins zig-zagged right toward us and surrounded the bow of the boat!

Dolphin near the bow

We then headed to a huge flock of birds (greater black-backed gulls and northern gannets) a little further offshore, and saw 2 more fin whales, plus another humpback - a 16-year old female named Cosmos!  Cosmos has one of my favorite flukes - black with star-like dots and a comet-shaped marking on her left fluke.





After some great looks at Cosmos, it was time to be on our way.  What a great first trip of the season! Thanks to the home school group from Milton, NH that joined us, and congratulations to The Dash Family - enjoy your adoption of Pinball!

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