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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Atlantic Queen October 6

After reading the blogs from our friends on the Granite State and The Prince of Whales it's clear the sea's were a bit "snappy" yesterday.  Luckily the whales didn't mind it a bit,they actually seem to enjoy the "motion in the ocean"  Our day was filled with humpback whales and a very small group of Atlantic white-sided dolphin,another day we saw dolphin among humpbacks.
Pectoral flipper
Partition and Chromosome "tail breaching"
Lately all of our humpbacks have been in groups of males and females, and we have have witnessed some of our females acting irritated by the approach of males,as we saw yesterday.  It is so cool to see these behaviors and take an educated guess on what may be happening with these groups. 

Today was the last trip for the 2012 season on The Atlantic Queen,the crew and all of us from the Blue Ocean Society want to thank evertone who joined us for what was a phenomenal season, though everyday is different and some better than others, this season did not disappoint.

Be sure to join us next season to see what females come back with new calves,wish them well and always be ocean minded.

 See you all next Spring!

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