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Friday, October 5, 2012

Prince of Whales October 5

What a day,what a day,what a day!  We spent time with 8 humpbacks today, 2 groups of harbor porpoise, and dolphins.  Our first stop was with Spoon, a female and Chromosome,a male,they were a bit sleepy so we spent a little time and then moved on.
Owl was not alone she was with "Patches" a male first sighted in 1980.  These 2 whales were not along either,they had a group of 30 Atlantic white sided dolphin all around them.  It was very interesting to watch the dolphin as they waited for Owl and Patches to come up for air.

The stars of the day were Nine, a female, Slingshot, and Patchwork. I wasn't sure who was watching who today,these whales stayed next to us the entire time we spent time with them, AMAZING!

Humpback just below the surface

We don't always have days like today,we never know how many whales we will see or how they will behave,which make research so interesting.  It was a wonderful day for me and  our passengers.  I'm sad our 2012 season is coming to an end,we had such a great season, thank you to all of our "gentle giants" who made this season one of the best!

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