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Monday, October 8, 2012

Prince of Whales October 8

Happy Columbus Day!

Today was another stellar day, fabulous whales and a beautiful, crisp fall day. Once again the whales were not far from shore, the whales were again sleepy but they did wake up and were watching us once again.
Tornado's 2012 calf

Once again Tornado's calf stole the show, this calf is so much fun to spend time with, he/she is curious, very fond of its mom and our boat!

Tornado's open blow holes
calf fluke

Tornado's calf even fluked for us!  The pigmentation will be permanent in about 2 years when this calf will be named.

Our whales were in male female groups again,but Patches was traveling alone, Tornado and calf had a friend that we still need to ID.  Spoon and Sword were in close contact today as were Partition and Chromosome. What is interesting is these whales have been in the same general area but there was no food present, so why are they there?  Have they been feeding off shore at night then moving closer to shore in the morning?  Perhaps one day will will have all the answers to these puzzling questions, but for now we can only wonder,all I know is I will miss going out to see whales on a daily basis and I will count the days until May of 2013.

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