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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept 2 Captain's Lady III

Happy Labor Day! The rain didn't deter our passengers today. As other boats remained tied to the docks, we ventured out in search of whales. Even after being submerged in fog, we still pressed on, out to an area we hoped we'd find whales.

Well, today was our lucky day! As the fog began to subside, a minke whale showed up pretty close to us! We stopped the boat and soon realized we were watching 2 minke whales feeding in the same area!  One of the two was very skilled in "poking out", or showing us its rostrum just before it took a breath! We could even see its white chin!
Minke whale with rostrum poking out!
Minke whale with notch in fin
 After watching these two for a bit, we continued on passing by a third minke before stopping on two more! Minkes seemed to be everywhere today! One of these two was a bit easier to watch and several times came right towards the boat!
4th Minke breaking through the surface water
Minke with smooth dorsal fin
Minke incoming! You can just make out the blowholes on the lower right
As we tried to leave, a harbor seal pup popped up nearby! The seals can be skittish, but this youngster was curious and just hung out as we passed by. As I said, harbor seals look really cute, but if you see one on land, give it plenty of space. Not only are they wild animals and will bite, but they are also protected by law. Seals frequently come ashore to rest so please watch them from a safe distance.
Harbor seal pup
Harbor seal pup
Thanks to all of our hearty passengers today who braved the wet weather in search of whales! We hope to see you back out for another adventure soon!

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Jelly Doughnut said...

Fog, rain, ungodly holiday traffic- who knew grouponers are so rugged!?