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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 15 Atlantic Queen

Another beautiful day out on the water on Sunday. We didn't have to travel very far to come across some whale activity. We first passed a small pod of harbor porpoise and a group of Northern gannets diving from the sky into the water in search of fish. It was a spectacular sight, and not one I see very often out in the Gulf of Maine.

We then traveled a little further past the Isles of Shoals and came across a pair of humpback whales. It was Pina and Victim logging at the surface for almost 40 minutes. Luckily Victim was more awake than our previous sighting that week, and passengers were able to see the markings on the underside of her tail and the missing section on her right fluke. Victim was also doing some tail rises under the surface. We were so close that you could see the fluke through the water!

Pina was just as active, and kept lifting her head just to the surface. She also had a few dives and showed her fluke pattern to passengers. In the midst of the sleeping whales we also saw a small pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins swimming by.

After spending time with the humpback whale pair we decided to head a little south in search of some fin whales. We did find a fin whale, but it wasn't spending much time at the surface and we had a report of another further south and decided to make our way over. On the way we passed three minke whales! So much activity on the water on Sunday. WE finally came across a fin whale who gave us some great looks before heading back into Rye Harbor.

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