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Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28 Atlantic Queen

Amazing whale watch today! We headed out toward Jeffreys Ledge, and didn't even have a chance to travel out that far before we came across a host of activity. Our first sighting was a minke whale who was scooting across our path. He didn't stick around very long, which was fine because there was plenty more to see. Just a few hundred feet away we saw a pair of humpback whales.

It was Valley and her 2013 calf. This was my first mom calf pair of the season, and they did not disappoint!

 Shortly after coming across the mom calf pair we got a wonderful surprise! Valley's calf was very active, breaching a few times, and spy hoping. This was my first mom calf pair of the season, my first breach of the season, and my first spy hop ever. I'm not sure who was more excited about today's trip, me or the passengers.
Valley's calf breaching
Valley's calf breaching
More breaching from Valley's calf
Flipper slapping from Valley. You can see the calf's dorsal fin too.

More flipper slapping

Valley's calf doing a head stand? 
Spy hoping from Valley's calf

Valley's calf's fluke
Valley's fluke
 After leaving the mom calf pair behind, we searched for another humpback whale. Unfortunately that whale was very low profile and moving around quite a bit so we never got any great looks. Luckily there was another minke whale moving through the area, and some more spouts nearby. We decided to head over to the spouts. It was another humpback whale pair, but this time it was not a mom calf pair. It was Trowel, a female born in 2003, and my favorite, Nile a female born in 1987.

Trowel's fluke
Nile's fluke
Thank you to everyone who joined us out on the whale watch today! We hope to see you again next season. 

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