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Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21 Atlantic Queen

Another great day on the water!  Well, it was a little bumpy, but sunny, and there was plenty to look at!

We got to see 4 humpbacks today. Especially exciting was spending time with Valley and her calf!  At first, the calf did some lobtailing and even a tail breach!

We then moved on to see Patches and Cacophony (sorry, I misidentified this pair on the first go-around!). They spent a fair amount of time at the surface, with Cacaphony doing lots of tail rises and a couple lower flukes.  Interestingly, Cacophony was seen with Valley around this time last year (see the post here:


We then went back to get some great looks at Valley and her calf - at one point, they fluked simultaneously. Sometimes calves never fluke, and to see one fluke at the same time as its mom was very special!

We then decided to check out one more area before we headed back to Rye, and were surrounded by 3 marine mammal species!  We first spotted a fin whale - Fjord! Fjord is one of our
adoptable whales and a frequent visitor to the area. It was difficult to get a good look at him, but we saw him a few times, along with blows from another fin whale in the area.

Once while we were waiting for Fjord to resurface, a harbor seal popped up! As we were watching the seal, a minke whale cruised by!  We ended up seeing another minke and 2 more seals in that area.

Eventually, it was time to head home after another fun day on the water. Thanks to all who joined us!

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