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Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22 Captain's Lady III

Happy Autumnal Equinox! This morning's rain didn't scare everyone away so we headed out in search of whales amongst the seas and swells. Our first whale sighting was a fin whale- possibly #9619- although it was being a bit aloof and and not making it easy for us to get good looks. In the same area were a couple other fin whales and some minke whales! So we took a few looks at them as well. One of the fin whale was a bit more cooperative and stayed up for a dozen breaths giving us great views of its pretty chevron pattern behind the blowholes!
Fin whale chevron
Fin whale dorsal fin
Another fin whale!
Fin whale tall spout
 We spotted another spout in the distance so we headed over to check it out. This was a humpback whale named Cacophony! Cacophony was only staying up for a few breaths before diving but the underwater times were short so we got several great looks!
Cacophony's "noisy" flukes
Humpback dorsal fin
Going for a deep dive
Amongst the whales we also found a few harbor seals for a fun added bonus! Certainly a great way to spend the first day of fall!

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