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Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21st, Granite State

There is never a dull moment when dealing with Mother Nature, and today was no different. We boarded the boat and headed out to Jeffrey's Ledge in hopes of finding cetacean activity. As we passed the Isles of Shoals (a group of 9 islands about 6 miles from Rye), the wind started to increase in speed and it made for a bumpy ride to the Ledge. The further we travelled, the more windy it became. The ocean was a bit choppy, but the whales didn't mind.

Today was all about the second largest animal in the world. We were able to find 3 adult fin whales throughout our trip and had several close encounters, despite the bumpy sea conditions. The whales continued to circle around and they were taking short dives, which made it easy for all our passengers to see just how big they really are. Here is one of our whales coming in for a closer look at the Granite State!

Thank you to all our passengers for joining us today. It was quite the ride.

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