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Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30 Prince of Whales

We were all about the feeding fin whales today! About 23 miles offshore, we found two fin whales who were happily doing their natural thing- eating!

The first whale had a beautiful chevron pattern- check out these swirls of light and dark!

The dorsal fin is a bit generic without and nicks or notches but the distinct chevron is enough to identify this whale in the future.

Next, nearby, we found another fin whale that had a similarly shaped dorsal fin,
but if you look more closely at it, you will see a difference- this whale has a small "squiggle" in the tip of its fin!
This fin whale has been seen several times this summer but has not been seen here in the past! This fall or winter, this whale will be given an ID number and possibly a name!

Thank you to all of our enthusiastic passengers who learned a lot about fin whales today! And congrats to Gabby, the winner of our whale adoption raffle!

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