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Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday and Sunday on the Atlantic Queen

The whales were a bit challenging this weekend, but it helped knowing that people on shore were sweltering in the heat while we enjoyed some cool ocean breezes!  Yesterday, I even had a sweatshirt on!

Saturday we spent time with our favorite humpback whale of the weekend - Hornbill, a whale presumed a male who was first sighted in 1977.  Hornbill was taking very long dives - a couple were 20 minutes!  But then he appeared to spend more time at the surface towards the end of our time watching him.

Hornbill on Saturday

On Sunday, we found one of the best fin whales ever!!  Maybe it just seemed great because we'd see Hornbill taking such long dives on Saturday. This fin whale was taking on 2-minute dives and eventually spent several breaths up at the surface, giving us great looks at its swirly gray chevron and distinctive dorsal fin. I haven't identified this individual yet, but if we do match it to our catalog, we'll post a note here!
Fin whale, showing its white lower jaw

Fin whale chevron

Fin whale back and dorsal fin
Then we found  Hornbill again, and again he was taking pretty long dives, although they were only about 8 minutes long this time.  We stayed for a couple looks, and then it was time to head back to Rye Harbor.

Hornbill on Sunday!

Thanks to all who joined us, and congratulations to Steven and Aaron, winners of our raffles this weekend!

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