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Friday, June 8, 2012

Atlantic Queen June 8 2012

We left the harbor in a bit of fog and wind, as we continued out the fog got thicker and thicker.  We finally heard from a friend that he was with a couple of fin whales.  The fin whales did not disappoint, we had 2 to start that turned into 4 and then a fifth whale.
At one point 2 of our whales began to lung feed and came nice and close to the boat
What exactly were they eating?  From the photo below and can see all the ripples on the surface, there was bait all around us!  In the schools we could see small dorsal fins from sand sharks feeding on the mackerel.  From a distance we could see an odd shaped dorsal fin, not sure what it was we got a bit closer to find a very long and hungry Basking shark!  Not hungry for humans hungry  for plankton!

All in all a great day on the water besides the fog.  We were kept very busy from our friends at The Strafford Elementary School,each student had great questions for us, thank you for joining us  again this year!
The conditions look great for the weekend, came out and join us

Happy World Ocean Day!

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