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Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29 Prince of Whales, Newburyport

After a rainy morning complete with thunder and lightning, the skies cleared when we reached the ledge to make for a clear, but breezy, afternoon of whale watching. After a bit of searching, we found two fin whales. One was surfacing frequently while the other would only blow now and then.

We began with the more cooperative of the two. After a couple surfacings, we got a nice look and recognized this whale as #0369- Dingle! It is always nice to see a familiar fin!

After leaving Dingle, we tried to get a look at the second whale in the area. This whale would only surface for 1-2 blows before diving, and it was moving in between dives! Our best look at it was when we decided to leave and we picked up speed to go home. Still, this whale was showing us why the species has the nickname of being the greyhound of the sea!

The birds are picking up on the Ledge as well! We saw a couple gannets on our trip out, several great shearwaters and many Wilson's storm petrels!

Enjoy the weekend!

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