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Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23 Prince of Whales, Newburyport

Before the big thunder storm hits and knocks out our power, I will try to get today's post up!

Today was such a flat-calm day on the ocean! It was like a lake 20 miles offshore!  As we headed towards the Ledge, we found a big basking shark!! This one had some pretty extensive scars on its back, but it seemed to be doing ok and came close to us a couple times!
Basking shark
Not far away, we spotted our first blows. Actually, before the blows, we saw a huge splash! Someone just jumped out of the ocean! As we approached we quickly learned that the splash came from a young humpback whale. Pinball and her calf were here! Pinball is one of our adoptable humpback whales and she has been seen a few times earlier this season! Pinball was busy feeding while the calf was a bit wiggly and occasionally left its mother's side for some gallivanting.

Pinball and calf

Pinball and calf about to dive down

Pinball's tail and "evidence" that she has been feeding
Pinball's calf's very cool flukes!

After spending some time with this pair we headed off in search of more activity to the east. We found several minke whales and a big fin whale! This fin whale was trucking, and finally we got a decent look at it. I'm not sure who this whale is yet but will search our catalog soon.
Fin whale

Thanks to the interested passengers today and to our awesome shark-diver friends who adopted Pinball and Gills, the basking shark! And congratulations to Sarah for winning our raffle! Stay dry out there!

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