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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Prince of Whales June 27 2012

We had a bit of a bumpy ride today heading out to the ledge, but soon after we left the dock the sun started to peak out.  The whales made us work quite hard today, we work hard everyday for our whales but sometimes they have other plans in mind.  We serached for quite a while when our captain saw a spout about 2 miles ahead, with wide eyes we were looking once more.  We ended up finding a very busy Fin whale, but this whale was not alone, it had some friends in tow, Atlantic White Sided Dolphin.

Though the pod was quite small only 4 in the pod, 2 adults and 2 calves, it was still wondereful to see them.  This was our first sighting of dolphin this season. 

We often see Fin whales with dolphin, why?  we don't really know but the size comparison is quite amazing a 70 ft whale next to a 9ft whale, pretty cool.  Congratulations to Connor who won our faffle today and to all our patient passengers.

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