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Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9 Prince of Whales, Newburyport

Such a beautiful day on the ocean today! The fog of yesterday cleared and left us with clear skies and mostly-calm seas!  Heading out to Jeffreys Ledge, we first came upon a huge basking shark- the Prince of Whales' first of the season! This shark was one of the biggest I have ever seen!
Basking shark showing it's huge dorsal fin (right) and its tail (left)

As we left the basking shark, we spotted a blow not too far away. As we headed there, a minke whale popped up out of nowhere and was not seen again...perhaps a bit shy! The blow in the distance turned out to be a pair of humpback whales- Pinball (one of adoptable whales!) and her new calf! Pinball was doing a  bit of feeding as was evidenced by the large green patch of bubbles we saw! Her calf was a bit wiggly, rolling around a bit and showing us some of its tail.

Pinball with her calf in front of her
Not too far away, we spied another pair of humpback whales. This was our second mother/calf pair of the day! Awesome!! These two must have had a busy morning as the entire time we were watching them they were more or less asleep! Logging/sleeping whales are great to watch but we were really hoping to see mom's flukes so we could confirm her identity. Finally, as we were running low on time, the calf got wiggly, rolling on its side and picking its head up out of the water, and the mom decided it was time to dive. With one quick look at her tail, we knew this was Clamp!

Clamp and her calf

Clamp's calf's right flipper, half out of the water. Check out the barnacles on the bumpy edges!
On our way back to Newburyport, we did see a couple more whales but these turned out to be very shy and we never even got a good enough look to know what kind of whales these were! Better luck tomorrow.

Hope to see you all back again soon!

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