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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prince of Whales June 20 2012

A hot one on the water today!  Thankfully it cooled down as we headed off shore.

Above are some of our anxious passengers waiting for the whales to make an appearance, there waiting paid off!  We started with some shy minke whales darting all around us, it was worth it as they were lunge feeding!

Two of our summer interns, Erich and Christie were working hard today,looking for marine debris, educating our passengers and of course looking for whales!

Our waiting and patience paid off as the fin whale above made a couple "close to boat" approaches.  Some of our passenger got a wonderful look off the stern when the huge fin whale popped up.  As soon as it was up it was down again.  Each time they go down I become anxious, I always feel they will pop up again close by.  As I mentioned this to our interns this fin whale came up on the port side heading right at us took a quick breathe and then went right under the boat. Yes I screamed and my heart was pounding!  That part of my job never gets old.

Congratulations to Stephanie Defreest from Salisbury who won our raffle today!  Take care of Satula!  A special thank you to our repeat customers and to our passengers heading back to Atlanta and Ireland, safe travels!
Tomorrows weather looks just as hot come on out and cool down with us!

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