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Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30 Prince of Whale, Newburyport

Good evening!
Definitely a beautiful day on the ocean! We traveled to southern Jeffreys Ledge in search of whales today based on a report from a fishing boat. We found 2 fin whales in the area! The whales were busy- likely trying to catch a ton or so of food.

The first whale we encountered was #0112, a fin whale first seen in 2001. This whale is a regular to the area but today was the first day we saw it this year!
Fin whale #0112

Fin whale surfacing- check out the blowholes!

As spotted a second whale in the area, we also saw a cool avian friend! We think this is a Razorbill- a little out of place for this time of year, but still very cool!

Who is this avian-alcid friend?? Razorbill? I'm waiting for my Audubon friends to comment here....
 The second fin whale was not all that cooperative and I am not sure of its identity but it may be #0611. I have a bit of work to do in order to figure that out. If it is #0611, it may have some new markings that we didn't observe in the past.

Overall, today was  great escape from the heat and traffic on the mainland! Thanks to our very interested passengers for showing interest in both the whales AND birds!! And congratulations to our raffle winner from NY, NY! Enjoy your adopted whale, Flask!

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