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Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13 Atlantic Queen

What a strange day out in the Gulf of Maine. We hadn't even made it 5 miles off shore before we saw a minke whale in the distance.

While watching one minke whale we saw a blow just behind us and we decided to investigate. It was a fin whale. What a nice surprise! We don't typically see whales this close to shore. This whale has been in the area for the last two days.

This particular animal had a very low profile, meaning we couldn't seem much of it when it came to the surface to breathe. Still, the whale came very close to the boat giving the passengers some great looks. 

There was another minke whale in the area as well. Overall we had 7 minke whales, 1 fin whale, and a glimpse at an ocean sunfish.

The first minke whale we saw. Yes, that land you see behind the whale is the Isles of Shoals. This minke whale was found within 5 miles of Rye Harbor!

Thank you to everyone who made today such a great trip.

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