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Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24 Atlantic Queen

Whew! What a hot day! It was slightly cooler on the water, and definitely nicer there than on land today.

Satula with Thacher Island in the background
As we have been for the past couple weeks, we headed south towards Cape Ann.  We found Satula, a male humback first seen in 1988.  Satula was cruising around, and at one point surfaced right off the bow, giving us a great look at his blowholes and enormous back. We also saw a bubble cloud and (no offense, Satula!) smelled his very stinky breath - evidence of recent feeding! 

Satula flips his tail in the air

Satula's distinctive fluke pattern

Bubble cloud
During this time, we also saw a couple minke whales at a distance.

When we headed home, we kept an eye out for other minke whales, who we had heard might be in the area. We found one - and got one of the best minke whale looks ever! As we drifted in neutral, the whale surfaced, turned right toward us and dove under the bow, giving us great looks at its whole body and distinctive "minke mittens."
Incoming minke whale!

Minke mittens!
What a great way to end the trip!  Thanks to all who "beat the heat" with us today!

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