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Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 22 Atlantic Queen

Another beautiful day out at Jeffreys Ledge. The seas were calm and the wind was just right for a comfortable ride out to sea. We went back to the southern end of Jeffreys Ledge yesterday. Seems like our whales have been hanging around that area more than they have in years past. I still think it's amazing to whale watch and see Cape Ann in the not too far distance. Despite being close to land, we were still 24 miles from Rye Harbor.

Yesterday we came across Pinball, the humpback whale. Pinball is a female humpback who had her sixth calf in 2012. She has a beautiful spotted tail which is how she gets her name. We stayed with Pinball for a while watching her come to the surface for a few breaths before taking a deeper dive.

She was also blowing a few bubble clouds as well, indicating that she was feeding in the area. Humpback whales will blow bubbles under the surface in order to corral fish into a tighter ball. In some cases humpback whales will blow an entire net of bubbles. It was so nice spending the day with Pinball.

Thank you for everyone who came out with us. We hope to see you again soon!

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