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Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, Captain's Lady III

What a scorcher of a day! I'd like to say that it was much cooler on the ocean, but really, it wasn't all that different than on land!

We left Newburyport around 10AM and headed out in search of whales. The seas were calm and visibility was really good. Thanks to eagle-eye Amy, we found our first whale just before getting to Jeffreys Ledge. This was a very nice minke whale who surfaced several times nearby. We ended up seeing 6 different minke whales during the course of the trip, but this first one was the best!
Minke whale
We headed out and decided to pass by a whale that already had a couple of boats watching it. We like to give our whales as much space as possible and really hate to have more than two boats on any whale. We continued a few more miles out and found Pinball, a humpback whale who has been spending some time in the area lately.
Pinball diving towards the boat
 Pinball was great- she blew a few clouds of bubbles (used to concentrate the schools of fish) and was taking short dives and not moving far. She was also spending a fair amount of time on the surface and swimming near our boat several times.
Pinball's unique flukes
 Here you can see her large flipper "glowing" green next to her. The flipper is really white but looks green because of all the plankton in the water.
Check out those huge blowholes!
After leaving Pinball, we went searching for the whale we passed by earlier but it was no where to be found. Whales can certainly pick up and move whenever they feel like it so likely that whales decided it was time to move on.

Thanks to all of our interested passengers today! We hope to see you out on another adventure with us and the whales!

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