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Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2, Captains Lady III

The breeze was blowing today, attempting to keep things cool offshore and on land. It also was kicking up some waves once we got offshore, on Jeffreys Ledge, keeping our passengers cooled down as well! We were talking with the fishing boats that were out ahead of us, trying to find the best place to go, and it turned out, it was on the southern part of the Ledge.  We headed to the area and found a couple of other whale watch boats in the area as well.

We saw a spout from a humpback whale and moved in to check it out. Turned out this was Hornbill, a male humpback first seen in the mid-1970’s! Hornbill has been frequenting the Jeffreys Ledge area more often in recent years. Great to see him back again! 

After watching him for several surfacings and dives, we decided it was time to head home. We were waiting for one last look before going in. But Hornbill decided it was also time to leave. He must have headed off to the East at a quick pace since we never saw him again!

Thanks to all or our hearty passengers who spent their Sunday cooling off with the whales!

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