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Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 29 Granite State

Today was quite the "exciting" ride. We knew there was a good chance the wind was going to blow it was just a question as to when it was going to start and how long it would be before we started to feel the affects. Turns out it made its appearance before we got to Jeffreys Ledge and brought a whole new element to the afternoon. The wind, tide, and increasing wave height brought smiles and laughs to some and the unfortunate queasiness to others. Luckily even with us feeling the affects of Mother Nature the whales aren't too deterred from such ocean surprises for we got the chance to spend time with Pinball once again today. 

Pinball at the surface
Wind, waves, and weather never seem to affect the daily activities of these watery mammals as Pinball continued to circle around the area, create multiple bubble clouds, and maneuver through the ocean with such ease.

Thanks to all our passengers who "rocked and rolled" with some of the ocean movements today and to Pinball for once again giving us some great looks at this 24-year old female.

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