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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, Captain's Lady III

Humpback whale, Satula, was the only whale in town today! Luckily for us, he was very well behaved and seemed content to feed with us watching nearby. Several times, we saw his bubble clouds (used for corralling fish) arrive at the surface long after he did! Satula swims faster than rising bubbles!
Satula diving near a patch of seaweed
And a few times we even were able to see right down his blowholes as he came up for air. 

Looking down the blowhole of a whale

Certainly a fantastic day on the ocean. Thanks to all the students, teachers and parents from New Boston who joined us today.  You were a wonderful group! And thanks to Cheyenne, Bridget and Lilly for adopting whales today!!

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