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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Atlantic Queen September 1

"Owl" with her big scar :(
The wind was still with us today, some folks got some fresh sea water in there faces and all over there bodies, but the whales didn't care.  We stopped on a fin whale who wanted nothing to do with us.  This individual was staying down for a long time, 15 minutes!   As I have said in many posts,you need to be patient while watching whales in a very big ocean.  It did finally pay off.  Out fin whale stayed below the surface next to us, you could see it's long streamlined body glowing green in our plankton rich water.  Our captain decided to move along to a blow of another fin whale, which we never got  looks at,instead 2 humpbacks spouted and headed at us, 2 big females Owl and Bat!

"Owl's" fluke, close to boat
Thought the sea's were a bit angry today the whales still impressed.  Both Bat and Owl had there last calves in 2010, maybe mom's to be in 2013?  Only time will tell!
Congratulations to Olivia from Amherst, NH who won our raffle today "Pinball"  who has been seen quite a bit on the ledge this summer with her 6th calf!

Thank you for joining us today.

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