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Friday, September 28, 2012

Prince of Whales September 28

It was a bit of a soggy day out on the water,a little wind and a few waves,luckily the whales,porpoise and seals didn't care a bit!  We saw spouts in the distance from some fin whales and that was about it, these whales had other plans in mind.  We did our best to get our hearty passengers looks at these enormous whales but they were down below traveling and searching for food.
Not far from the fin whales we saw more spouts except these spouts came from humpback whales, not just any 2 humpbacks it was a mom calf pair, Tornado and her 2012 calf

Tornado's 2012 calf
Tornado (foreground) and calf
Tornado was spending a good amount of time below feeding and her very friendly and big calf stayed close by us, what a treat.  Tornado was born in 1988 and had her first calf in 1995.  Her 2012 calf makes it her 7th calf. 

We left Tornado and her calf to continue on there journey.  We continued to look around the area and we found an old friend, "Spoon".  Spoon was first seen in 1977 which makes her at least 35 years old.  She was moving very slowly taking a lot of breathes and doing some logging,  At one point she popped up on our port side and was heading away,we were able to see her very wide and flat body, she was huge!
Spoon's wide mid section
 Spoon had her first calf in 1983, her last in 2010 for a total of 9 so far.  Humpbacks usually give birth every 2-3 years, from our data and her size we wonder if she is expecting again, only time will tell. 
Thank you to all who spent a wet day with us, Governor's Academy for returning with us and our of course all of our return passengers.

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