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Monday, September 24, 2012

Prince of Whales September 24

Have you ever had a day where everything just went perfectly?  For me and our passengers today was one of those days.Our first stop was with a Mola mola, who gave us some nice looks then dipped below the surface.  Not soon after leaving the Mola mola the ocean seemed to come alive with whales and spouts in every direction.
Humpback whale going down
2 humpbacks feeding together
Bubble cloud
These whales were blowing bubble clouds which help scare the fish into a tight ball and they come right through with there mouths full of ocean water and fish!

Humpback "filtering"
Fin whale "spout"
I have never been around so many whales as I did today,we had 8 humpbacks, 3 minke whales, several harbor seals, 1Mola mola and we counted 30 fin whales!  It didn't matter in what direction you looked there were spouts everywhere and we were only 14 miles from Newburyport!

Days like this are incredible and don't happen all the time,as I said to our passengers (who were great) if you were a first time whale watcher you may never see a day like this again!  Thank you to all who joined us,our new friends from 13 different states who joined us today and to all our local friends who joined us today on a whale watch of a life time!

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