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Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15 Prince of Whales

Again, the whales keep surprising us! Today we headed back to the same area we have been for the past two days and found, yet again, none of the same whales we saw yesterday or the day before! It seems a new wave of whales is making its way through the area!

We started with a fin whale and a humpback whale in the same area! The fin whale surfaced close to our bow, taking its time crossing the bow and swimming down our left side before moving off! I am always amazed at the size of these huge whales!  The humpback kept us on our toes and this one is one of four who we have not yet identified.
Fin whale
Humpback arching up to go down
First humpback of the day
 As we looked around, we saw blows all around. The whales were being a bit wiggly and ellusive but we managed to get some looks at a few more animals. The next humpback whale was appearing to be napping- just hanging out at the surface. When it dove, it didn't show us its flukes so we will have to do a bit of work to identify this whale with only the dorsal fin to go by!

Next, we found two more humpbacks near each other. One had a very pointed fin, while the other had a much more rounded fin. The pointed fin whale had a lighter tail, while the rounded fin whale had a nearly all-dark tail! The lighter whale is still awaiting identification, while the darker whale was found to be Osprey, a whale first seen in 2007.
Anyone recognize this tail??

Osprey, the humpback whale
 Other fin whales were seen in the distance and we passed by a 5th humpback on our way home. But the day wasn't finished yet! While riding home, we came upon a group of Atlantic white sided dolphins!! These animals were quite friendly and spent a bit of time checking us out and playing in our wake!

Atlantic white sided dolphins
To round off the afternoon, we found, at low tide, a large group of harbor seals hauled out on the rocks near the mouth of the Merrimack River!
Harbor Seals

Such a beautiful day to start our weekend! Thanks for joining us!

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