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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prince of Whales September 25

We left the dock with a full boat of energetic 7th graders from Somersworth Middle School today,we headed to the same area we had great luck with yesterday and yes there were a lot of whales still around.
High fluke from a humpback whale
 Our first humpback of our day has not be identified yet,we did see this whale yesterday and we hope we will have an ID soon.

"Kick Off"
We had 9 fin whales all around the area to,one did a "close to boat" coming up right next to us on on our port side, very cool to be this close to the 2nd largest whale in the world!

Very close look at a fin whale's dorsal fin

Open blow holes of a fin whale

Northern Gannet taking flight
As we headed for home we passed by many harbor seals sunning them selves on the exposed rocks, so cute!

There are only a few weeks  left to come and see these gentle giants of the sea, don't miss out make your reservation today!

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