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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Price of Whales September3

Happy September! One of my favorite months,warm sun and nice cool, crisp breezes.  Our first stop of the day was with a friendly,slow moving minke whale who stayed close by darting all around.
Next was fin whale # 0622 who demonstrated how well it could hold its breath, once again patience pays off and watching whales you need to have a lot of it.

Chevron of #0622
Dorsal fin of #0622
This fin whale was the same one we spent time with on Saturday and it was acting exactly the same, long dives, but finally coming up close by.
With the keen eye of our captain he spotted more spouts in the distance and off we went.  The spouts turned out to be 2 humpback whales, my favorite!

Our 2 humpbacks swimming together
We even had a "tail slash" from one of our 2 humpbacks.  Mogul's friend never really fluked for us,actually once but from a distance which makes an ID a bit more difficult.  As we headed back to Newburyport another humpback popped up once and fluked and went down, again not a good opportunity to ID.

There were also number of Harbor seals in the river, another favorite of mine!

They say it's the unofficial end of summer,its not for us!  We will continue trips until Columbus day weekend, with some week day trips also, be sure to call Newburyport Whale Watch for the upcoming schedule.

Thank you to all of our repeat customers and our new friends we met today, thank you for your patience and your support!

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