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Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23 Prince of Whales

The seas certainly calmed down a bit in the last 24 hours! Today we headed toward the area we saw so many whales yesterday and never even made it there due to so many whales even closer to us! Sometimes we see a whale or two between the mainland and Jeffreys Ledge, but today we had a quite the number of whales just inside of the Ledge! Like yesterday, at times, everywhere you looked you could see blows! Again, humpback and fin whales were all mixed in the same area.

The first humpback we saw was young and was feeding perilously close to a large amount of fishing gear. At one point the whale breached and then continued to feed. We still don't know who this mystery whale is but it has been seen the past 2 days in the area.
Young humpback whale "flying" out of the ocean!

This is the same humpback whale who breached!
Soon after, we found a few fin whales including "Dingle" (#0369), an old favorite. Also, #0622 was found with a friend and at one point, a third fin whale joined this pair!
"Dingle" the fin whale

Fin whale #0622

Fin whale chevron marking

Spout of large fin whale
We also found 3 humpback whales in the area- these were also juveniles including Talus, Kickoff and a yet-to-be identified one.


On our way home, we passed by yet another fin whale- #0611! What a great day! We ended up with 13 fin whales and 4 humpback whales today! Certainly a great day!

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