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Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 22 Atlantic Queen

Wow! Easily one of the best days of the season!  There were whales all around us today - and all in the same spot, very close to shore!  They were all circling and zig-zagging around, making it very hard to keep track of them, but we estimated there were about 20 whales in the area, and we got close looks at at least 6 humpbacks and at least 6 fin whales!

2 Fin whales and a humpback!




2 Humpbacks

Humpback tail

The highlight, in addition to just having so many whales around, was getting to see several breaches!  One humpback breached 6 times, while another breached twice!  We also got to see humpbacks coming up to the surface with their mouths full, and even a fin whale on its side!
Humpback coming to the surface with its mouth full

Not-yet-identified humpback




It was a bit of a swell-y day out there, so thanks to everyone who came aboard with us and hope you enjoyed the trip!

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