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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3 Atlantic Queen

What a great way to spend Labor Day yesterday out with the whales. It was a beautiful day out on the water with a definite fall breeze in the air. We started with a juvenile whale that unfortunately was taking really long dives. Typically out on the summer feeding grounds, humpback whales have dive times between 4 and 7 minutes. This whale, however, was diving for well over 10 minutes. Luckily we also saw a blue shark that looked to have some kind of tag attached to it. Can you see it in the photo?

We decided to not overstay our welcome and further explore the Gulf of Maine. I am so glad that we did!
We saw a few spouts up in the distance and decided to investigate. The spouts belonged to two humpback whales. One of which was Mogul who put on quite the show for us on board. We saw the spouts in the distance but as we were approaching Mogul gave us a beautiful tail breach. Unfortunately it surprised us all on board, and I'm not quite sure if anyone was able to get a photo. Absolutely amazing to see in real life though!

We also had Scratch who is a female humpback whale born in 1978 and first seen in 1979. She had 7 calves! The last of which was in 2007. She had the mostly black fluke that you see below.

What a special day! I certainly enjoyed myself and hope that you did too. Thank you to everyone for joining us and a special congratulations to Elliot and the rest of his friends from South Africa for winning the whale adoption. I hope you enjoyed your first time on a boat!

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