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Friday, August 16, 2013

August 15 Atlantic Queen

It was a bit chilly out on the water yesterday, a sign that fall is just around the corner. We started our trip out to Jeffreys Ledge in hopes of finding some larger whales. Our first stop was just outside the Isles of Shoals when we came across a pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins. I estimated about 30 individuals in the pod. It looked as though there were some mother calf pairs as well!

They were quite playful and gave passengers some wonderful looks just off the bow.

We then decided to make our way out to the ledge and came across two minke whales. These little guys were doing a lot of feeding below the surface, but we did have some great looks.

Finally on the way home we came across Fjord one of our adoptable fin whales! It's been so long since we have seen a larger whale. Both the crew and the passengers were very excited! Unfortunately Fjord was moving very quickly and it was difficult to get some up close photos. In the one below however you can see the large notch in Fjord's dorsal fin which is how he got the name Fjord.

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