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Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25 Atlantic Queen

Dolphin Mom and Calf
Another gorgeous day on the water! We had beautiful, sunny skies, and blue, calm seas, with lots of marine life.  Once we got closer to Jeffreys Ledge, it seemed we were seeing minke whales everywhere - first there were 2 around the boat, and then 3, and then as we moved a bit farther out, we saw more!

Minke head, and the left "mitten"
Minke whale
Another Minke

We were lucky to get great looks at most of the minke whales, often right next to the boat.  We got to see their snout/chin several times, as well as the "minke mittens" on their flippers!

Minke with nicked dorsal fin
In total, we saw 6 different minke whales.  We look forward to analyzing our photos further to see if these are individuals we have already seen this season.

After what was already a great trip, we headed home.  Around the Isles of Shoals, we got a call from a captain on a fishing boat out of Seabrook - he had a large pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins not far from home!  As we got closer, we could see the dolphins splashing.

Here are some dolphin photos:

See the white side?

Soon we were surrounded by a very active pod of about 50 Atlantic white-sided dolphins!  We got great looks off the stern, and especially the bow, and were delighted to see several calves swimming with their moms!  What a great way to end the day. Thanks to all who joined us, and congratulations again to Nicole for winning the adoption of "Stripes"!

Mom and Calf
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Louis said...

It was a great day and so fun to have the dolphin so close and active. Thanks for the great trip