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Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 21 Atlantic Queen

We had a cool, calm day on the water and plenty of enthusiastic passengers! We spent time today with a few minke whales - we got close looks at two of them - and at one point, both of these minkes were right next to each other!

We also got some great looks at them right next to the boat several times.  One whale had some nicks on its dorsal fin, while the other had a slender, hooked fin. We can use these dorsal fin shapes to determine if we see these minkes in the future.

While there wasn't a large variety of birds, we did see lots of northern gannets, especially adults. We've seen a lot of adult northern gannets this summer (normally, juveniles are more plentiful). The adults can be identified by their brilliant white and black plumage (juveniles are a mottled brown and white).

Thanks to everyone who joined us for another great day on the water!

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