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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Captains Lady III August 20

Another picture perfect day on the water!  I sure hope this spell of weather continues, and the marine life continues to improve.  Today we had 7 Minke whales, a Mola mola (Ocean Sunfish), 2 pods of Porpoise, 17 Harbor seals, and a Spiny Dog fish.  The sea's were glass calm making finding marine life a bit easier for us.

Minke whale head out of the water
Minke blow holes and mittens!
Mola mola
Mola mola
2 happy friendly Harbor seals
Thank you to all our passengers who choose to whale watch with us today,we hope you enjoyed the multiple sightings of both whales and fish.  Congratulations to Allen from Great Falls, VA who won our raffle today, "Sunny" the ocean sunfish.  There are still plenty of days left to come out and join us,male your reservations today!


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