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Monday, August 5, 2013

August 4 Atlantic Queen

Today was a day of dolphins!  Fast-moving ones, too. Just past the Isles of Shoals, we came upon a surprise sighting of a small pod of our favorite toothed whale species - Atlantic white-sided dolphins.  These dolphins were zipping around, apparently chasing after some prey.

After spending some time with the dolphins, we headed out to take a look around, and got a report from our friends on the Captain's Lady II that they had spotted a minke whale.  The whale only surfaced a few times near us, but they were nice looks as the whale was moving very slowly. Once the whale dove, we waited awhile, but didn't see it again.

We then headed out to Jeffreys Ledge, where we saw another pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! This pod was larger, with about 15 dolphins. They were also moving around very quickly, but we did get better looks at them than the first pod.

With great weather and sightings spread out throughout the trip, it turned out to be a nice day on the water. Thanks to all who joined us!

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