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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6 Atlantic Queen

Minke whale
What a fantastic day! We had gorgeous weather, great whales and a surprise finale of an awesome, active pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins!

We started our trip with a couple looks at a minke whale. It was pretty easy to spot this species today due to the ultra calm seas. There was also another minke whale in the area.

We then made our way out to Jeffreys Ledge, where we found another minke whale - this whale also turned out to be two different minkes!  We spent time with one whale, and got some of the best looks at minke whales of the season.
Minke whale snout
Minke mittens!

The minke cruised around the boat, and we got a look at nearly its full length. Several times, it lifted its chin as it surfaced, allowing us to see the white underneath. After having many recent days where it was difficult to keep track of minke whales, we were so excited to spend so much quality time with this whale!
It was then time to head for home. But not too long after we got underway, we got a call from our friends on the Starfish - they had a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins!  Even from a distance, we could see the dolphins splashing.  We estimated there were about 100 dolphins, and they were impressive not only in pod size, but in activity.  It wasn't long before dolphins were surfing in the boat wakes and leaping all around us!  We got to see several dolphins leap several feet in the air, and even some tiny dolphin calves!

Mom & calf dolphin (top)
Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin
Like with the minke whales, dolphins have been scarce, and traveling too quickly to see very well lately, so being surrounded by dolphins cruising back and forth under the bow, and leaping in all directions was just fantastic!

Thanks to all who joined us today! Hope to see you again soon!

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