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Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 2 Atlantic Queen

We had a gorgeous day on the ocean!  Minke whales were plentiful - as we headed out past the Isles of Shoals, it wasn't long before we spotted 3 of them!  These baleen whales charged around us, either feeding or chasing after prey, and we got several great looks near the boat - we even got to see the "minke mittens" - the white patches on top of the whales' flippers!

Minke whale, with a look at its mouth
See the "minke mitten"?

After watching these 3 whales for awhile, we cruised out a bit further, and found another minke whale. This one wasn't quite as cooperative, so we let it go on its way.

Pretty soon, it was time to head back to Rye Harbor. But on the way, we stopped near Duck Island and got a look at about a dozen seals (harbor, and possibly a few gray seals) sunning themselves on the ledges. We then passed by the Isles of Shoals and got some nice looks at the islands.

Thanks to all who joined us today!

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