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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Captains Lady III August 12

Our travels took us south today to Stellwagon Bank,not a trip we take all the time,it takes us a bit to get there but it is always worth the trip!  "Pinball" and "Scylla" were spending time together searching for food,finding a large amouts of krill to feed on.
Whale poop!!
More whale poop!!
"Pinball" surprising our passengers!!
As researches we get very excited when we see whale poop,a lot can be learned about whales based on DNA that is analysed from there poo, there sex, if they are pregnant,nursing,etc.  One thing we also get excited about is they have large amounts of food to feed upon in hopes they will stay in the area and continue to feed.

Large amounts of barnacles!
Amy, Captain Chris and intern Allison

You know its a great day of whale watching when the captain drives from the fly bridge!  Congratulations to Ellie from Auburndale MA who won our raffle today, she is now the proud adopter of "Satula" the humpback whale!

We had a wonderful day filled with great sightings and great passengers, thank you all for joining us today,you picked the best day yet to view whales!


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