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Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25, Captain's Lady III

Two beautiful trips today!  The morning trip brought us 7 minke whales including "Scar Minke" and a huge fin whale! This was the same fin whale that was seen yesterday afternoon- #0932.
"scar minke" off the bow!
Scar Minke showing both of its scars
Fin whale 0932's chevron
 The fin whale seemed to be resting- only taking a couple breaths and not showing its fin often which would be indicative of a deep dive.
Fin whale 0932's notchy dorsal
Fin whale spout

 The afternoon trip brought us 6 minke whales and an ocean sunfish! The minkes started off being a bit elusive but we ended up with a great trip. Several times, the minkes surfaced close to the boat.

 We got incredible looks at this 30-foot baleen whale. Check out the cool markings!
As we waited for one of the minkes to surface again, we saw a splash close by. I assumed it was one of the minkes playing around. But then it happened again, and this wasn't a minke whale- it was an ocean sunfish- the largest species of bony fish! So cool!!! Ocean sunfish (Mola mola) has been seen hopping out of the water before but it is really rare to witness, especially so close to the boat!
Ocean Sunfish trying to fly
 After trying to fly a few times, the sunfish settled down and decided to check out the boat. We spent about 10 minutes with this huge fish swimming around the boat!
Ocean Sunfish
 Also near the Ledge, we spotted one great shearwater and a small group of phalaropes!
Great day all in all! The variety of life never ceases to amaze!

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