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Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22, Captain's Lady III

What a great day! Thanks to our colleagues on fishing and whale watching boats, we were given the heads-up that a huge fin whale was in the area today. We got to the area and slowed down, and it was our diligent passengers who spotted the whale first!! Although this whale was a little unpredictable, we still got some incredible views of it! By looking at the dorsal fin shape and incredibly bright chevron/blaze markings, we knew this was # 0282, an adult whale first seen in 2002, and most recently seen on July 17. Where has this whale been for the past month? We may never know.
Fin whale spout
Fin whale #0282's incredible markings
Fin whale #0282's triangular fin
 Also in the area of the fin whale were one or two minke whales. We got photos of one of them, and even though the photo is less than ideal (OK, a little blurry) we could tell the difference between this one and the minke whale we found on our way home.
Minke A (with notch near top of fin)
Minke B seen on our trip home (with notch near middle of fin)
 Such a beautiful day with a nice cool breeze offshore. On our way up the Merrimack River, we hit the heat from land, and also saw these crazy kids trying to race our 106-foot boat. They did a great job keeping up with us and probably  just missed whale watching- this was our crew from the last  13 years, Ryan and Jessie!
Ryan and Jessie, nearly outrunning the Lady III
We hope to see you all back out on the ocean with us soon!

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